Off-Grid Custom Design Service

An off-grid solar system(off-the-grid,standalone) is the obvious alternative to one that is grid-tied. Off-grid is a characteristic of buildings and a lifestyle designed in an independent manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.

Advantages of Off-Grid Solar Systems

1. No access to the utility grid ?

Off-grid Solar Systems can be cheaper than extending power lines in certain remote areas.

Consider off-gird if you’re more than 100 yards from the grid.  One pole min cost could reach upwards of $25000.00 . The costs of overhead distribution  lines range from $25000.00- $37000.00 per mile (for rural construction) As of 2012.

2. Become energy self-sufficient

Living off-grid and being self-sufficient feels good. No more renting your power. For some people, this feeling is worth more than saving money. Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid solar systems.

On the flip side, batteries can only store a certain amount of energy, and during cloudy times. NO Problem, install a backup generator to be prepared for these kinds of situations.


Equipment for Off-Grid Solar Systems

Typical off-grid solar systems requires solar PV & mounting , and  the following extra components:

  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Battery Bank
  • DC Disconnect (additional)
  • Off-Grid Inverter

Residential Solar

Solar Power is an investment in your energy future and is a reliable way to reduce your emissions. Alberta and Saskatchewan have some of the best solar potentials in Canada providing a consistent source of solar energy for your home.


Off-Grid Custom Design Service

Cottage Starter

The perfect starter system for charging a battery in that back country cabin

Features of the Cottage Starter include:

  • Quality 160W, 8.7A HES PV solar module.
  • Adjustable roof mount.
  • Solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 25 ft. of #10/2 cable with connectors.
  • Installation manual.


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Cottage Weekender

This system features a 4-stage charge controller and comes complete with 2 quality high-power HES PV modules, a solar module mount, cable, and installation instructions.

Features of the Cottage Weekender include:

  • Two quality 160W, HES PV solar modules for a peak current of 17.4A.
  • Adjustable roof mount.
  • Solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 30 ft. of #8/2 cable with connectors.
  • Installation manual.

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Advanced Home Energy Solution 750

The Advanced Home Energy Solution 750 is the system for off-grid cottages and a starter system for full-time homes.

Features of the AHES-750 include:

  • 750W Solar array – quality, reliable solar panels.
  • Sloped Roof Rack
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking – 60A solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 2800W Magnum E-Panel with Pure Sine inverter.
  • Array wiring and combiner box – homerun cable provided by installer.
  • Installation manual.

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Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500

Our Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500 solar array has lots of charge power and is capable of delivering between 2 and 4 kWh of electricity per day in most situations.

Features of the Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500 include:

  • 1500W solar array.
  • Sloped Roof Rack.
  • MPPT solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 8000W OutBack Radian inverter with prewired installation kit.
  • 120/240VAC input and output.
  • Array wiring and combiner box – homerun cable provided by installer.
  • Installation manual.


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Off-Grid Inverters / Off-Grid Chargers


Outback is one of the oldest US inverter manufacturers, with a range of quality products for off-grid and grid-tie with backup. Their power conversion technology includes the pioneering Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, the FM-60 and FM-80 that are the industry standard today for home systems.

Outback’s products unique features include:

  • Reliable and efficient power conversion
  • Wide range of adjustability and user controlled options
  • Many products for backup, grid-tie with backup and off-grid applications



You can’t beat Magnum for value and features in a compact package. The ideal inverter for cottage and small home systems, Magnums feature plenty of power to run your AC loads, and Power Factor Corrected battery chargers to deliver more charge current from small generators. With easy to use status meter/remote control and either modified sine wave (RD/ME/MM Series) or pure sine wave output (MS/PAE/MMS Series).


Why home and cottage owners choose Magnum inverters:

  • Reliable performance with 3 year warranties on most models
  • High surge capacity for big loads like pumps
  • Clean AC power for sensitive loads



KISAE Technology is a unique power solutions company that develops and markets GREEN energy solutions. Our goal is to show the world how easy it is to bring solar power into everyday life; whether at home, the cottage, campsite or the boat. KISAE products Inverters are designed with flexibility in mind. Their strength and durability in a wide variety of applications make them valuable allies no matter what your power needs.



Schneider is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced power electronic products and systems. Its well-established products are sold to a diverse customer base in renewable, programmable, mobile and portable power markets.

Brands We Supply 

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