Water Pumping

From off-grid residential to agricultural needs Matrix Energy can provide the components or a complete system to meet your water pumping needs powered by photovoltaics or wind generators.

Pumping systems using battery storage are called “Demand” systems while all other pumping systems are called “Simple” systems. In a Demand system a charge controller regulates the amount of current entering the batteries, and protects them from overcharging or over-discharging. In a Simple system, the pump controller regulates the amount of current and voltage entering the pump itself, to ensure optimum performance. If you need water at times when the sun isn’t shining then there are two options – chemical storage, where the power system keeps the battery bank charged, which in turn powers the pump on demand and mechanical storage where the water itself is stored in a reservoir.

Shurflo Submersible Pump Ideal for low volume pumping from deep wells, lakes or ponds to a cistern, the SF-9325 is capable of pumping 80 gallons per hour in full sun and from depths up to 230 feet. Designed to fit in a minimum 4″ well casing, the 9325 pump works on 12 volts or for maximum performance, 24 volts. Electrical connections are made through a watertight submersible gland, so the cable can be disconnected from the pump without severing the wires. Features include a durable polymer housing and stainless steel fasteners, connects to 0.5″ ID tubing and is field serviceable with replacement motors, seals and valves. Use with optional SF-9022 to increase pump output up to 30 % in low light conditions. One year warranty.

Product # Description 
14-02-002 Mercury pump-up float switch (NO)
14-02-001 Mercury pump-down switch (NC)
14-47-003 Shurflo Accumulator Tank, 2.2 USG
14-47-004 Shurflo check valve
14-47-001 Pump controller for 9325

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